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Velvet Mountain - Various - Pop 2000 (Vinyl, LP)


View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of High Fidelity (Original Soundtrack) on Discogs. Label: Hollywood Records - HWRP • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation, Promo • Country: Europe • Genre: Electronic, Rock, Stage & Screen • Style: Alternative Rock, Soundtrack, Acoustic, Indie Rock, Classic Rock/5(6). May 03,  · [Regarding the white vinyl pressing; STUMMX. Barcode: Not the RSD pressing which some have complained about. It's rarely something with which I notice a difference, but the sound quality is astounding. Of course you have to turn the volume up from the CD setting. Volume up, the vinyl sounds better than the CD - gut reaction/5(K). Music publishing company, founded by Chris Blackwell. The name appeared later also as Blue Mountain, a subsidiary label of Island Records.

And a great album too. Disturbed has some rather good album covers e. Lists like this are always subjective! Impossible to achieve. Signed, An OLD rocker. All these covers are DOPE. Do It Yourself was issued in at least 32 different wall paper sleeves and was designed by the great Barney Bubbles.

To pick one single Cover; is Impossible, plain and simple. I could make a list of a hundred by myself, in which many of the listed ones here would be as well. So has the Interpretation Of Classical Works. LOSE. Good selection. One really missing is Deep Purple In rock. Nothing to much iconic about that selection, where is Symarips Skinhead Moonstomp cover, now that itself is well known for all old BootBoys old and new. OMG — Where are the judges?

I would love to laugh in their faces. Too many dumb actually sad choices to call out. What Ho! Anyone still interested in this old thread? And come to think of it, Def Leppard. On Through the night, what is wrong with you guys? Sort it out. There are quite a few Arguably, not to mention Questionable choices here. Really, it IS! It was banned for decades and should really have been here. However; In the end, such Lists are Tough choices, Luckilly!

How could I forget? Served its purpose no doubt in keeping a hungover intern busy for an afternoon copying and pasting images and not otherwise effing up an important sic project. Absolutely on all the Hipgnosis and Warhol albums. Some good covers. But not top I have trouble in doing the topimagine top … complexity is the miracle, who tries to say it all?

There are a couple of Yes albums too that I can think of also. Dream Weaver was a neat cover also. Where can I buy or print some of these album covers? Just the album cover, not necessarily the vinyl. Quicksilver Happy Trails not in the top ? Nice to see a few prog rock albums in there this time other than just Dark Side of the Moon that is.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Search uDiscover Music. Features Latest News. Share Tweet. Audacious or what? Format: UK English. Eduard Antoniu October 27, at pm. MIke December 10, at pm. Neil December 11, at am. Dave Mackenna May 23, at am. Nesto June 21, at am. Goette December 12, at am. Rick Schillinger November 12, at am. Marc April 3, at pm. Tommy Haynes April 7, at pm. Zoso March 9, at am.

Even Hendrix hated that one! Ken Glance June 22, at am. Yes I agree. Moody Blues had many! And how about the single album by Blind Faith? Very much so, any album cover from Yes shoild be there.

Mark April 7, at am. Mark Allen April 8, at pm. John June 8, at pm. Gondo April 12, at pm. Rod Lan April 13, at pm. Larry October 27, at pm. James November 6, at pm. Tony October 27, at pm.

Patrick Gleeson October 28, at am. HannuKalervo October 27, at pm. Kerry October 27, at pm. Not one Moody Blues album cover…. Zoso November 1, at am. So many Moodies covers are way better than a lot here, even albums I love! David November 8, at pm. Here here! Not one Moody Blues album cover? MikeRobWil May 13, at am. Joe R October 27, at pm. Kai October 27, at pm.

Jeff November 9, at pm. Maybe even Synchronicity or Zenyette Mondetta. Scott October 27, at pm. Steve Jobs October 27, at pm. Great graphics on that one. Patrick Gleeson November 21, at pm. Absolutely Steve. An iconic cover — and album …. Kay October 27, at pm. Jim December 12, at pm. Tubular Bells should be on here. Bow Wow Wow should be off.

Jim Gordon January 20, at pm. Absolutely right! Tubular Bells is one of the best ever; much better than the Top ! Mark October 27, at pm. David Niblick December 12, at am. Scott christiansen December 12, at pm. Andrew Massey October 27, at pm.

KRT April 26, at am. Well said. The Beatles influence cannot be measured. Gary August 21, at am. Dan November 15, at am. I agree…the white album? A plain white cover with the band name… SOOO artistic!

And how many other bands numbered their albums before the white album? Are you a friend of Donald Trump or did you come by your ignorance honestly. B MAC September 24, at pm. GH July 11, at pm. Dave October 27, at pm. Rick November 9, at pm. Alan Hopwood October 27, at pm. Bluesman Ron October 28, at am. Jake November 1, at pm. Bill October 28, at am.

Pedro October 28, at am. Pablo April 18, at pm. Donald October 28, at am. Paul October 28, at am. Tony October 28, at am.

Yogi October 28, at am. Stef October 28, at am. Markku Kemppainen October 28, at am. Well, the list is almost purely anglo-american. Paul H October 28, at am. Yanick December 10, at pm. Henk O. October 28, at am.

Jayell October 30, at pm. Jim October 28, at am. Vodalus October 28, at pm. Fab November 17, at pm. Cool list. A bit arty probably but nice choice. Alexander October 28, at pm. Ian October 28, at pm. Kevin October 28, at pm.

Russ October 28, at pm. Glynn Jones Velvet Mountain - Various - Pop 2000 (Vinyl 28, at pm. Dan October 28, at pm. Jay October 29, at am.

Don October LP), at pm. Michael O'Reilly February 15, at pm. Spot on re Tulls Stand Up-well at least the version with the pop up. Paul E October 29, at am. What no Alice Cooper? Lucy October 29, at am. Ryno October 29, at am. Carly Simon… seriously? Rodrigo January 9, at am. Sandra Ford October 29, at am. Darryl October 29, at am. Jacobus October 29, at pm.

Bob October 29, at pm. Kevin October 29, at pm. Gilson October 29, at pm. Jack October 29, at pm. CHAS October 30, at pm. Jack August 13, at pm. Ken Baumgardner Sr.

November 20, at am. Paul Weekes December 12, at pm. Seemann October 30, at pm. Jim Todd October 30, at pm. Diesel October 31, at am. Dire Straits — Brothers in Arms? Seriously why was this omitted? Janne October 31, at LP). David October 31, at pm. Seriously no Rodney Matthews in there. But the talking heads black cover is in there. Chris Squires October 31, at pm. Kevin October 31, at pm. PhiloBike October 31, at pm.

Gina October 31, at pm. That came to mind immediately. Steve Giovanetti October 31, at pm. Felicity October 31, at pm. Steve Adey October 31, at pm. Darren October 31, at pm. Kevin Kunreuther November 1, at am. Dan Smith November 1, at pm, LP). Ken Goodey November 2, at am.

Mark November 5, at pm. Jan van Amsterdam LP) 6, at pm. Where is the magnificant album of Blind Faith. Deric November 7, at am.

Lou Buc November 7, at am. TwoWaaka November 7, at pm. David November 7, at pm. Where is Mahogany Rush. Maxoom, 10 CC. Deceptive Bends and Kansas Left Overture to name a few. Jim November 7, at pm. ROD November 8, at am. Wolfpat December 13, at pm. That was my first thought too. Bill from the 60s July 16, at pm. You suppose she was naked.

You were there when the photo was taken? Joe April 27, at pm. Joe Giersher April 28, at pm. FAR better than many of those original covers. Angelo November 8, at am. Bolero November 8, at pm. Gary Hambley November 8, at pm. Dafyn November 8, at pm. Hugh Jaynus November 8, at pm. Don Killaby November 8, at pm. Margaret November 8, at pm. Brian November 8, at pm. Robert November 8, at pm.

Paul November 8, at pm. C J November 9, at am. Come on no one has even said Goats Head Soup! Bill November 9, at am. Jim Bergeson November 9, at am. Bolero November 9, at pm. I still like that first Grateful Dead album cover too! Randall M. Kozitka January 31, at pm. Dennidlky November 9, at am.

Brian November 9, at am. What about some of the Moody Blues albums? The artwork is fabulous!! Richard November 9, at pm. Archie April 7, at pm. Nazareth: Hair of The Dog — well done! One of the best covers ever! Brent Speicher April 21, at pm. Mike November 9, at pm. William November 10, at am. Patrik December 4, at pm. James December 10, at am. Dave Ginner December 10, at pm. Joe Skotnicki December 10, at pm. Jeff December 10, at pm. Jude collie December 10, at pm. Konstantin December 11, at pm.

JD April 26, at am. Or how about Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division? Ken Clem December 11, at pm. Phil Grabar December 11, at pm. Who is the nitwit in the middle? C J December 12, at am. GES December 12, at am. David Seelig December 12, at am.

Michael Ige December 12, at am. I would toss the Asia cover for any of the Yes albums. Dave December 12, at pm. Arnaldo December 12, at pm. Kent December 12, at pm. Tim C December 12, at pm.

What about including some Budgie album covers. Bandolier belongs on this list. Spreckles December 13, at am. Steve December 13, at am. Jerry Wood December 13, at am. The covers are great but I prefer the ones with the best music. Arti December 18, at pm. No Peter Saville or Vaughan Oliver works? Severn Savage December 19, at pm. Patrick lopez December 23, at pm. Adam Jennings January 25, at pm. Joe Cogan February 11, at pm. Rob Spencer January 7, at pm. Joe Fiedler April 3, at am.

Axel April 3, at pm. Grateful Dead — Blues for Allah? Gravy Train — A Ballad of a peaceful Man? J April 3, at pm. Keith April 6, at am. Wallstein April 6, at am. Tommy Blikeng April 7, at pm. Eric Hall April 7, at pm. Vincent and Bon Iver. After the first four Axis singles in earlythe name was changed when it became apparent that the name Axis was already being used by another music company. The solution to this problem came from a promotional flyer that they had printed to call attention to the new releases.

The flyer's designer had added some typography that played on both the new year and the idea of progress:. Scrambling for a new name, Ivo glanced at the flyer and suggested "4AD. An initial idea for the label was that it would be a "testing ground" for Beggars Banquet; successful acts would graduate up to Beggars Banquet after a year at 4AD. The only band to follow this path would be Bauhauswho were signed to Beggars Banquet in late before Ivo and Peter purchased the label outright.

The two were the sole owners for about a year. Watts-Russell would maintain ownership of the label, and act as its president, until the late s. Watts-Russell invited the graphic designer Vaughan Oliver and the photographer Nigel Grierson to create sleeve art for the label, and as a result, 4AD acquired a visually distinctive identity.

Its artists, such as Cocteau Twins and Dead Can Dancedeveloped cult followings in the mids, but 4AD continued to evolve, and, after signing Throwing Muses and Pixiesthe label increasingly concentrated on underground American rock music. The label's deal with Warner Bros.

Records in the United States in would start the beginning of a new phase in 4AD history. InWatts-Russell sold his share in 4AD back to the Beggars Group as it had by then becomebut the label continued to release music and add new artists to its roster. Inthe Beggars Group re-aligned itself so that several labels, including Beggars Banquet itself, were folded up on to the 4AD label. At the start ofthe label also announced the additions of Future Islands and Merchandise, followed by D.

D Dumbo. Latest signings to the roster include Aldous Harding and British artist Pixx. While 4AD did not handle any distribution outside the United Kingdom for many years, it had many willing distributors in LP) countries: Virgin Records for France, Nippon Columbia distributed much of the label in Japanwhile PolyGram subsidiary Vertigo Records released many of the label's records in Canada. The United States had always been a tough market for 4AD, even though its records sold well there as imports.

Only a few of the label's acts had deals to license their recordings in the US, among various labels. InIvo signed a five-year distribution deal with Warner Bros. Records so that nearly all 4AD releases would be released in the United States. While this seemed to be a simple licensing deal, in reality executives from Warner Bros.

While still president, it is clear that Ivo ceded some control during this period, and when the deal ended, he offered to sell the label back to Beggars Banquet. Dead Can Dance's oeuvre, however, stayed with Warner Bros.

The deal with Beggars was completed by earlyand since then it has owned 4AD and its distribution worldwide. This led to many negotiations for the label's back catalogue, like getting back US distribution rights for the PixiesDead Can Danceand Cocteau Twins.

For the most part, 4AD's official UK releases follow a standard scheme for designating catalog numbers. Although there have been some variations over the years, some general rules can be devised to easily determine the format LP, CD, etc. The first part of a catalog number is a prefix that contains a variation of "AD," based on the 4AD name.

Some standards are:. Some other "AD" variations have been used less frequently over the years, including but not limited to :. The second part of the catalog number is a number that represents the year of release via the number of years sincefollowing the ' Forward' themeand the order of release in the particular year.

The "CAD" represents that the release is an LP, the "4" in representsand 11 marks the 11th release of that year. A side effect of this scheme is that it made it seem like 4AD had hundreds of releases early on. Again using CAD as an example, a causal observer might assume this was the th release in the label's catalog, when 4AD actually had less than total releases in their catalog at the time.

In the s, 4AD changed the first part of the number from "s" to "s," temporarily making the number not correspond with the number of years since Releases in used "00" directly after the prefix e.

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Silver Apples closed the gap. Mainly in-ear-pop with some highly psychedelic songs (Dust, Dancing Gods) - Glad Simeon annoyed the guitar playing members out of the band to prepare the carpet for this electronic master piece. Missing the taylor drums until today to replace the annoying simple pop . There are many famous album covers, but we’ve put together what we believe are the greatest album covers. Find out which ones have made the cut.

Deluxe four gm vinyl LP box set features the new stereo album mix plus rarities and alternative mixes including three previously unreleased tracks. Also included is The Brussels Affair, recorded live at the Forest National Arena in October Goats Head Soup was released in August by Rolling Stones Records.

Vinyl LP US $ In Stock Bob Marley and The Wailers Legend Limited Edition Vinyl LP US $ In Stock Whitesnake Slide It In: Limited 35th Anniversary Edition gm Double Red Vinyl Limited Edition Double Vinyl LP US $ In Stock Various Artists The . Get the best deals on LP Vinyl Records when you shop the largest online selection at Free shipping on many items Velvet Underground and Nico [New Vinyl LP] 5 out of 5 stars (4) 4 product ratings Quality Vinyl Lp Album Lot Classic Rock Pop New Wave 60s 70s 80s You Pick Choose. $ 12" Vinyl LP. YOU PICK - ROCK POP FUNK.

Vinyl LP US $ In Stock Bob Marley and The Wailers Legend Limited Edition Vinyl LP US $ In Stock Whitesnake Slide It In: Limited 35th Anniversary Edition gm Double Red Vinyl Limited Edition Double Vinyl LP US $ In Stock Various Artists The .


Judgement Day, Caravan Song - Mike Batt - A Songwriters Tale (CD, Album), Serenity (Alphazone Mix) - Saltwater - Serenity (Vinyl), Nick Lucas - Its Been A Good Life (Vinyl), Capsule - Rotary Club - Second Year In Swine (CD), Choke On It (Live), Dumb Nostalgia - Various - Yeti Three (CD), Blackleg Miner - Wasp Bomb - Live At The Northy (Cassette), Notch Somnenijia - La Nuit Do Doute - Various - First Music Festival In Moscow (Vinyl, LP, Album), Shepherd, Shepherd, Leave Decoying - Henry Purcell * Deller Consort - Purcell: Ayres (Vinyl, LP), Intro - Dj D (Neco) - Struggle for Truth (File, MP3), Gil Le Gamin & Ultracolor - Lorys EP (Vinyl), Mayday, Lack Of Comprehension - Death (2) - Human (Cassette, Album)

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  • () 12" Vinyl LP Record Outer Sleeves - High Clarity, Archival Quality Polyethylene - Industry Standard - Standard 3mil Thick - /4" x /2" out of 5 stars $/5().
  • 4AD is a British independent record label, founded by Ivo Watts-Russell and Peter Kent in It was originally funded by, and an imprint of, Beggars Banquet. The label gained prominence in the s for releasing albums from alternative rock, post-punk, gothic rock and dream pop artists, such as Bauhaus, Cocteau Twins, Modern English, Dead Can Dance, Clan of Xymox, Pixies, Throwing Muses.
  • Aug 15,  · The first chapter in this series, The 50 most collectable records of the s, demonstrated that the music being released during that decade was by no means the monochrome and conservative entity it is typically portrayed to have idea that the s were all psychedelia and long-form improvisatory epics is similarly inaccurate. The records are listed chronologically and, even .
  • Buy Various Artists - Marvelous Mrs Maisel: Season 3 (Music From The Prime Original Series) [LP] [Colored Vinyl] at Music: Soundtrack:
  • On purple coloured vinyl (though they missed a trick not calling it black cherry coloured), you also get a 12 x 12 art print for your troubles. Black Cherry was Goldfrapp's second album following on from the very successful Felt Mountain and adds in synth-pop and glam influences into their luxury brand of electronic pop.
  • Lot of 39 Early 70's Vinyl Singles - 7" 45's - Various Artists - a. $ 0 bids. $ shipping. Ending Aug THE BEATLES 3X LP VINYL LOT WHITE ALBUM SGT PEPPER LET IT BE -YOU GET ALL THREE Make Offer - THE BEATLES 3X LP VINYL LOT WHITE ALBUM SGT PEPPER LET IT BE -YOU GET ALL THREE. 80s Pop/New Wave LP & 12” Lot - Gary Numan.
  • The second LP was in better shape, but hardly what one considers today to be grade B. The sound on each (when not interrupted by multiple scratches and surface noise) was thin and distant. Too bad. The second LP included various tracks from subsequent work by the principals mirroring some of the content on the Blood & Fire CD/5().
  • Mastodon-Blood Mountain (UK IMPORT) VINYL NEW. $ Trending at $ King Diamond - Abigail LP Record Gram Black Vinyl Velvet Revolver - Contraband [New Vinyl LP] Holland - Import. $ Was: Previous Price $ Free shipping. See similar items. The Smiths - Queen Is Dead [New Vinyl LP] Gram, Germany - Import.
  • Music publishing company, founded by Chris Blackwell. The name appeared later also as Blue Mountain, a subsidiary label of Island Records.

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