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Muffler / DJ Trace - Spy Technology 3: Enemy Territory (Sampler) (Vinyl)


Nov 26,  · DJ Trace / DJ Motive* DJ Trace / DJ Motive* - Spy Technology 3: Enemy Territory (Part III) 2 versions DSCI4LP PT3. Based in Helsinki, Finland, Mr. Mikkonen has been producing music since the age of 9, starting back in He produced a few house tunes which were released in Finland, but in he discovered jungle/drum 'n bass -- and it was love at first hearing. DJ Trace / DJ Motive* DJ Trace / DJ Motive* - Spy Technology 3: Enemy Territory (Part III) 2 versions DSCI4.

The program's "shape" tools include rectangles, circles. They can be either open or filled with color. To fill an enclosed area with color a "fill" tool is. Another important feature of DeluxePaint is the "grid". DeluxePaint supports three different graphics resolu tions. The first is by pixels with 32 colors possible.

You do not hove this extra screen when in the higher resolution modes. You are also limited in the size the brush can be in these upper graphics modes. The reason is simple. These very high-resolution screens require a great deal more memory than the low-resolution screens. It you have a printer hooked to your Amiga, it is very' easy to get a harticopy of your pictures.

DeluxePaint uses. A Word Processor for the Amiga Textcraft succeeds in making word processing as simple as possible, yet still offers very professional capabilities. Reviewed by Louis R. Wallace and Sharon A. Experienced word processor users will find Textcraft different from those They are used to waiting with. Word processing is popular because it makes writing easier, while at the same time allowing you to do complex types of composition. Textcraft succeeds in making word processing as simple os possible, yet still offers very pro.

It is quick and easy like most of Textcraffs controls and fakes effect immediately. Other functions are accessed by using the mouse icon to touch one of the five small menu windows at the top of the screen. Pressing one of the mouse buttons causes a popIhe Ahgrtuent fipush is far. And if you don't already know what the proper format should be you will find Textcraft more than just a rime saver.

It becomes a skilled personal secretary. Textcraft has other features That add to its user friendli. Using the built-in document formats In Textcrott, you fill in Information lor standard documents like resumes, term papers or business letters. Almost LetterSender. In fact, we think the most efficient use of Textcraft is achieved by combining mouse and keyboard functions.

The Typist's Initials:. The keyboard controls fine tune the word proces. A lew pnges of sample lext pre-stored on [tie Textcralt disk let you see now formatted text looks. And when it comes to creating, opening, saving or printing your document, you. You will never need to get up and look for the misplaced manual again. He at Aniga have nade 3 sincere. Textcraft is no. Asis often tlie c5se. Use the "3" key on the keypad to page thru this. I used the K version for this review, and found it capable of holding a large number of pages in memory.

The first step is buying the Commodore "" Personal Com puter. The smartest computer. It's like gelting three computers for less than one usually costs, because the. You start out with more software and real life uses than most machines give you after years on the market. And you'll save space as well as time because the Now try improving your memory. That's enough to handle just about anything you can dish out, from complicated business forecasting to giant data bases.

In fact our expansion mod ule will be the only memory you'll. There's no reol intelligence without the ability lo communicate. Just plug in your telephone jack and the modern automatically answers, dials and selects the.

It's a new dot matrix. And it operates at a. And Ihe column display lets you. In order to use the CLI, it. Introduction to Muffler / DJ Trace - Spy Technology 3: Enemy Territory (Sampler) (Vinyl). There is no need to format the destination disk and anything on it will be. These names allow you to specify exactly where data is coming from and going to. The use of names eliminates. This allows you to remove your Workbench disk and insert the disk you want installed.

DATE is a system command which sets or displays the curreni date and lime. This information is used to date. What i. If there is enough memory. The date is not saved when the command is executed use Prefer. DATE fridiiy Sets the date for the 1'riday following last s:ived date.

When you first enter the CL1, all file access de faults to the main directory of drive zero. Commands available include I! CD allows you to redefine which directory or subdirectory is the default.

TYPE allows you to see the contents of a fife. Show filenames and subdirectories in subdirectory c. DIRdfl: Show filenames and subdirectories in dfl: The LIST command not only shows the name of the files, but also the protection level, the dale they were la.

Next use the command CD ram: to make the ramdisk the current directory. To copy the Hie "myfilc. The TYPE command allows you to list the contents of a file to the screen. Choosing option h displays the code in hexadecimal.

Use the spacebar to pause the listing, the HACK. TYPE dfl : myfile List myfile from drive dfl :. Conclusion The U. These files are. To find out more about all of die CI. I bought :i NEC brand printer because 1 liked the qual ity of the print and its speed.

But it would not print Commodore graph. It was written for and tested on a Commodore 64, but with two minor changes, should work with the VIC 20 as well.

The re sulting translation can be printed to. So if you have a SIlQ file, the contents of which are a mystery. There is also a skip option, which allows you to jump into the middle of the file or program before printing.

This saves some time and lots of pa. There will lie a quick title, then you'll be asked If you. Don't worry about the skipping. If you skip. Note: If you are using a VIC 20, do no: enter the apostrophe and four letters ai the end of each pro gram line when you type the listing.

Example two shows the Game listing using a NF. C printer, also without us ing ;i translation program. Note the missing code in lines Lines Noi really. Hut it. Comstar 10X Printer PIum FRtt itt. Lisl Larry a minimum 90 day vvananFy. S dollars. Add 00 lor shipping hondling and insurance Illinois residents please odd 6". Pot f in U. Reduce eye fatigue by increasing the clarity of your TV or monitor screen.

This kit contains a hard wax formulation to. This restores maximum optical clarity, making whot you see more distinct. Plus high absorbency cloths and an auto static spray. Plus this non residue. Plus the lint free, high absorbency, nonabrasive cloths will not scratch or mar your equipment as they pick up dirt and grime in a matter of seconds. List S Add Allow 14 doyi tordtllvBry. Add J Internal Char. Ribbon Cassette — Fabric inked ribbon Ribbon Life 4 million characters. Canodian orders mgit bs in U.

This is the easiest to use and most powerful word processor ovoilable for the Commodore As you type on the. With the printer files you can customize Paperbock Writer to use all the fancy features of your printer.

Loods EZ Script! Files so you can easily upgrode your past wordprocessing text that you've written with obsolete wordprocessors. Superscripts And Subscripts. And Foreign And Oiher Characters. Even Between Files. And Paragraph Indentation. If you still. If you. Sale S Add S3. Enclose Cashiers Chotk. For those who won! Used by professionals because they can rely on C Disks to store important data ond programs without fear of loss!

With C disks you con have the peace of mind without the frustration of program loss after hours spent in program development. Eoch C disk is individually checked so you will never experience data or program loss during your lifetime! Unlike other floppy disks the C smooth surface finish saves disk drive head wear during the life of the disk. A rough surface will grind your disk drive heod like sandpoper. Allow Id days lor doll very. Store, update, and retrieve abstract in formation on your favorite Commo dore Microcomputers magazine arti cles.

Instead of searching through piles of magazines [O find a favorite article, just use his program 10 enter. A printed directory should be easy io read, and should lisi. It should have space for a date or other comment, and it should on a single sheet, no matter how full the disk, it should fit easily into a notebook, or better yet, Into or onto the disk envelope, with. Sounds like a big order, doesn't it? Well, the and MPS-X02 primers, with their variable line spac.

The accompanying program; which you can have run ning in less than an hour, is the key io ultimate. If you hind jKJur directo ries or keep them in folders, the Notehook Sheet will fill your every need. The Folding Sheer puts the disk name on.

If there are file names out of sigh: below the fold, there's :i note to. Delete lines IG, and They won't do harm if you leave them in. Practice makes per fect, and after running :i lew.

That waj. In Pact, this is the most common error made on Income tax returns. All you have to do is type it in and run it. Don't expeel this program to pre turn. For that, you better look at com mercially available programs, or pay your accountant. Hut once you have. The game simulates the rise and decline ofgenerations of organisms in a population, based on just three rules. With this choke you are playing Life on the surface of. After playing Cyndle Merten's Game of l.

Line will halt the program when the space liar is pressed. This feature allows you to examine a. A pic graph or circle graph shows the relative sizes of vari ous pieces of some whole, The pro gram in tliis article can he used io dis.

A pic graph tan In. The whole pie repre sents your total income for the month. Each slice represents the amount. Adventure No. Invader " mony more OverSGgomos. Multicolor graphics mode is used to draw the pic graph. In high-resolution mode, the outline could lie drawn, but.

Line draws a di. Order today for someone you love. Protect your investment from damaging final! Chock, or Manny Older. USER GROUPS Commodore user groups nationwide and around the world provide invaluable assistance to Commodore computer:sts If you are looking for people who share youi computing interests, or if you need help getting started with you coinputet, contact the group near you This list is compiled from groups who responded to a survey conducted by Pete fiaczor.

Commodores user gioup coordinator If you would like your group to appear here. After a program i. This listing is. Check for semicolons and colons reversed and extra or missing parenthesis. If the variable is not coming from data statements, then the problem will be a little harder to find. Check each line that contains the variable. Whenever you see a wurd inside brackets, such as DOWN], the word represents a keystroke or series of keystrokes on the keyboard. For example, [DOWN4] would mean to press the cursor-down key.

If there are multiple words within one. In addition to these graphic sym. A number following the letter tells you how many times to type the letter.

A 3the syntax error may be in the line thai defines the function, rather [ban the line named in the error message. Look for a line near the. Look fora typo. The little graphic next to each keystroke shows you what you will see on the screen. This is by far the most common error encountered while entering a program. Usually sorry folks this. If you get the. If mere is, then the error is referring to what is trying to be poked.

A number must be in the range of xero to to be poke-able. For example, the statement POKE 'i, would produce an illegal. Most often, the value being poked is a variable A,X This error is tell ing you that this variable is out of range.

If tbe variable is being reail. Some times you will find a line in a pro gram that runs over this number of. If this error occurs, it means that the program has run out of data items before it was supposed to.

It is usually caused by a problem or typo see if you have left out a whole line of data. Next, check for missing com. SHFT J. SHFT D. CMDR H]". CMDR M2 ". You can enter these Hues by abbreviating the com mands when you enter the line.

This is the hardest of problems to resolve; no error message is dis played, bin the program just doesn't run. This can be caused by many small mistakes typing a program in. Hirst check that the program was written for the computer you are using, Check to see if you have left out any lines of the program. Check each line of the program for typos or missing parts. Wriie down the line the program broke ai and try to follow the program backwards from this.

You've come to the end of your rope. You can't get the program to run and you can't find any errors in your typing.

What do you do? As al ways, we suggest that you try a local user Muffler / DJ Trace - Spy Technology 3: Enemy Territory (Sampler) (Vinyl) for help.

If you do write to us, include the fol lowing information about the pro. Getting Started Type in the Magazine Entry Pro gram carefully and save it as you go along just in ease.

Once the whole program is typed in, save it again on tape or disk. Now RUN the program. Move the cursor to the end of the line you just typed and enter the checksum. If everything is ok, the program will NEW.

If there is a problem with the data statements, the program will tell you where to look to find the prob lem. Once the program has run, it is in. You are now ready to enter the programs from the magazine. Typing the Programs. All the program listings in this magazine that are for tiie 64 have an apostrophe followed by four letters at the end of the line i. The apostrophe and letters should lie. This is a checksum that the Mag azine Entry Program uses.

If the line is entered correctly, a bell is sounded and the line is en tered into the computer's memory. The pro gram will not let you enter a line if there is a typing mistake on it, and better yet. Check the line in the magazine again and check your spelling. Check the line in the magazine again. This error message will also occur if you misspell a I5AS1C com.

Because it. Spelling er rors could be the wrong number of spaces inside quotes, a variable spelled wrong, or a word mispelled.

To order, send S CO postage and handling oer crder to Illinois residents add ea sales taxi. Tho classic slrategy game, now in cartridge formal, pus player against computer wi h live levels ol skill lo. Send check or money order. Including S2. NYS residents arid applicable soles tax. This graphics. The manual is professional and easy to follow. You arc walked through de tailed examples and each program is.

Editor's Note: Recent updates of the program include a Commodore module tor each section, to take. Manuals are illustrated, readable and easy to understand, Menus are clear. Yei this is very sophisticated Software, easily capable of becoming the indispensible management tool. Our objective is to make your busi ness easier to manage. Prices: Paj-ahlea a Rccrivsblci, 9i each; [memory4 ledger 9! Search For The Best High Quality Graphic Pnnter If you have been looking very long, you have probably discovered Ihal there are just many claims and counter claims in the primer market today.

There are primers thai have Mime of the Features you Wiint but do noi have otlieis. Some features you probably don'l care. Our Objective Was Simple We wanted to find that primer which had all the features you could want and yet be sold di rectly to you at the lowcsl price. We didn't. You have variable line spacing of 1 line per inch to infin ity no space at all and other software se.

You can control line spacing on a dot-by-dot basis. If you've ever had a letter or other document that was just a lew lines too long to fit a page, you can. To keep the printers output looking consis tently dark, the ribbons must be changed quite often.

The Besl Part When shopping for a primer with this quality and these features, you could expect to pay. You need absolutely nuthinnelwio start printing—jitfi add paper. A 1-year warranty is included with your printer. The warranty repair policy is to repair or re. The SP has a. The character malm in Nl. Q mode is a very dense 24 horizontal by IK vertical.

This equities to 41, addressable dots per square inchi Now we're talking quality printing. The results are the best we've ever seen. The only other printers currently available having resolution this high go for S and more. You can print in ANY of 35 character styles including 13 double width and 3 re versed white on black styles, You not only.

Italics, but also true Superscripts and Sub scripts, Never again will you have lo worry about how to print H, or X". This fantastic.

Your Letterhead? Of Course! Do you prim forms? No problem. This unit will do them all. Any form up to 10 inches wide. The tractors arc adjustable from 4 to 10 inches.

Plain typing paper, your letterhead, short memo forms, labels, anything you choose. In fact this unit is si advanced, it will load your paper automati cally. Multiple copies? Use forms up to i thick. Do you want to use spread sheets with many columns? Of course! Just go. Consistent Print Quality Most printer. Shipping and insurance is SIO. If you are in a hurry. We ship the ue. See More. Nobody ever said it was going ro be easy. But it just got easier. Novy there's Amiga. Amiga makes you look better, sound better, work faster and more productively.

If can be your number cruncher, filing system, audio-visual department, graphic designer, print shop and faithful workhorse. You can't buy a personal computer at any price that has all of Amiga's features.

Nor can you find one that's easier to use. Amiga lets you point at symbols instead of learning compli cated commands. Amiga is friendly but it's a power house, too. Imagine the advantage of preparing business presentations with color graphics and sophisticated animation right on your computer.

Need to make creative use of your time? Amiga will print the cover memo while you're working on a spread sheet. And there's probably enough power left over to receive a phone message or a stock quote over a modem at the same time. Amiga is IBM-compatible, too. Amiga will talk to you, read back what you write, answer your phone and compose music like a profes sional synthesizer.

It can add new creativity to your life and bring new life to everything you create. Now that Amiga is here, the question isn't whether you can afford a computer, it is whether you can afford to wait. Amiga by Commodore Amiga makes telecommunica tions fast, easy and colorful. Paste Jir is for p or copied text. Organize file information, then use identifying keys to produce letters and reports without retyping, Or you can keep research notes and selectively recall them to include in q term paper.

Sander Art Director Robert C. Walker Advertising Coordinator Cheryl Griffith ing various disks. Enrerrainmenr rhor Excites the Senses Ride rhe winds on your magic corpet. Search for information across multiple disks. Program rhe sofrware for specific applications. Jusr ask one of rhe more than 70, peo ple who use ir. Number 2. Holmes, Pennsylvania Phone 80O In Pennsylvania All nghts reserved. Application to mail at Second Class postage rates is pending at West Chester, Pennsylvaniaand addi tional mailing offices.

Holmes, PA ABC Membership applied lor. However, upon re in a high performance program thot Com modore users will discover to be one of the ing number returned to 1 10 or greater. July A little investigation showed that if games, and for the AFL-CIO to say or my Commodore 17 11 monitorthere was trouble accessing the drive. Readers might group of records.

April Most of these want to check for this type of interfer sheet. What is the AH. Be Electronic Cottage abuse and non-benefits Jack Ryan If you read between the "Syntax BrroiS," you will see that the AI-'L-CIO obviously has something to hide, and this ban is being imposed to prevent us programmers from digging into their computers to find out!

Michael Cedeno Brentwood, New York Electrical Interference My son"s Winnie the Poofo in the Hundred Acre Woods program was having difficulty loading some of the screen files and would sometimes provide an error message Indicating a problem with the il disk drive. This function deter mines the time to access every sev El Dorado, Arkansas As a general rule, disk chives and ability to create printed lists In this case, however, placing the drive a lit tle farther away from the l70J's transformer made a big difference.

Nevertheless the left-right -rule" is not necessarily applicable to all TVs and monitors, whose transformers may be located in a different place. In feaiuies. May June December "Rug Rider is definitely a challenge. Rug Rider, Enrertoiner 1. Corom Snowdrifts 0 Sunny Skies. This will im puter books, accessories onrj software program. Proper alignment is indicat prove cooling ventilation. This will keep it off the floor tracks five and one. Incidentally, it is a no-no around rime you shop for software, instead of saying "WHO?

Varnedoejr, effects Buntsvllle, Alabama enrenoirv mem thai thrills the senses Ride LETTERS Many readers have cow men led on the winds on your carpet with RUG Grow in strength the coffee mug sitting on top of the disk drive in the photo on page 85 of and power as you ptepore that toi The confrontation with issue.

Author Torn Hertford the Evil Genie. I hope it Meet the challenges of CQP. I add that this is much Come expedience ihe thrill of victory, ihe enjoyable agony of defeat with Tn Micro to my satisfaction. O PO Box Sarva Ana CA! Play has proven espe cially useful. The programs Multi-Screen and designed to manage your dota so you con whip thousands of names and numbers into shape Com 64 Grapher in the November December issue have found applica Use the word processor to move a paragraph or transfer text from file to tion in several places for me.

The file You con even generate a form and Multi-Screen has found its way into customize it by merging information from the file manager or by merging two of my own modest efforts at pro spreadsheet numbers gramming. Keep it up, please! May I suggest that a spreadsheet program would be Monitor your budget cosh flow, ond invest ments with the spreadsheet. Use it to help very much appreciated. On this one, 1 plon shopping and coupon use, assure you that 1 am not alone.

Keep on top of appointments, critical dates ond events with the file manager. Let it help Again, thank you for the quality of the programs in your two magazines. Fred IV.

Fischer you organize inventories, research notes, or fomily Port Wayne, Indiana health records. On-screen and in memory instructions will have you up and running in less than 30 minutes, even if you've never used a computer before.

The price? It's as low as you'd expect for o line of software called 'Paperback'. Available to registered owners from Digital Solutions Inc. To retrieve data, mimic characters displayed on computer keyboard, or to delete, invert wand and apply nub to error until print vanishes. Though such detailed instructions for the simple motor skills are hardly required, and though the dangerous wand need not be kept from Impressionable schoolchildren, the Witz Company hopes that a Failsafe on the wall will ward off high-tech myopia, gratify the innocent, and inspire many chuckles.

Chat with your friends on your Commodore computer free. A child selects from characters and objects to form scenes and develop, in the foreign language, a story line to go with It.

Each version of Kidwriter retails for S Flight Simulator II includes full flight instrumentation and avionics, and provides a full-color out-thowindow view. For training in proper flight techniques. Flight Simulator II includes another page instruction manual, compiled by two professional flight instructors with over 8. Your aircraft can carry five bombs, and your machine guns are loaded with rounds of ammunition. Bookkeeping S mada Enterprizes has released The TaUybook, an integrated double-entry bookkeeping system for small businesses.

Tlie Tallybook has an unconditional day money-back guarantee and lifetime performance guarantee. Go shopping on your Commodore computer free. You must have a modem and disk drive to use QuantumUnk. If you don'! Then hook up your modem and call QuantumUnk on your computer not your telephone.

Learning Technologies offers 20 educational software titles for the Commodore 64 that include a Learning Kit with each program. The toll free number is in Texas, Features include a self demo mode for instructions, a giant video screen for close-ups ol the action in detail.

Exciting to play with real baseball features, yet a detailed Join in the fastest moving game in the world, when you play 5-a-side soccer, an action packed sports simulation from Mastertronic.

Each game lasts ten minutes, with lull crowd atmosphere and an announcer to keep you up to date knowledge of the game is not essential: Steal Options, with the action on the field. The tackles bite hard and incredible features that make this game an essential part of approval. Curved balls, Pitchers Cheers leaders are all part ol the every collection.

The games also familiarize children with the directions north, south, east and west. Mars Systems has released Windows, a screen processor utility that gives the Commodore 64 windowing capabilities in BASIC or assembly language programs. Windows features individual window color controls, window move commands, Get a set of encyclopedias on your Commodore computer. Test your knowledge of the United States and its cities, try to come up with the correct mathematical equation to avoid a lunar crash, rear not your telephone.

If you don't have a modem, pick one up at a retail outlet. BoxKulpsville, PA Our exciting Party Songs disk features 18 classics you'll love to sing. Your computer's vast musical capabilities are used to their fullest to create For fun throughout the Christmas holidays, order our Christmas Carols, too!

Toll-free number: lively music in three-part harmony. The colorful and In Ohio call Date Name Address City Slate. BoxVaniJaha, Onlo It is the Generic computer, a joke gift that features a pencil as the printer, a small pun-filled dictionary as the word processor, and color crayons for graphics.

Intec, Polk Street, Eugene, Oregon Software Source D etailed information on over 3, programs that run on Commodore machines is now available from. Managed by the International Software Database Corporation. Then hook up your modem and call QuanlumUnk on your computer not your telephone. Left Justified or right and loll Justified. Ideal for Ionti letter mailings. One char acter at a lime, "ou! Keep track of calls by company name, sates representative, date called, phone number, even comments.

The Organizer—avoid missing deadlines by breaking down projects Into areas of responsibility, logging delegations, assigning followup dates, etc. All rights reserved.

Now you can take your computer beyond the limits of software programs. Participate in on-line seminars and discussions. Join Commodore's nationwide user group. Find partners and play chess, hangman and other games in full color Here are just a few of the services available.

QuantumLink'5 full color, easy-to-use menu. New QuantumLink is the lowest priced full service network. And, you can access many fea tures including the encyclopedia, software catalog, USA Today, entertainment news and trivia quizzes as often as you like, for no extra charge. If you have a modem: If you don't have a modem: When you mijn up? If you have a modem, we'll send you the QuantumLink telecommunications software and when you sign up for a month, we will give you the second month of service free.

Please send my free Commodore' baud modem, and the QuantumLink software. The action is viewed in first- istic tour ot neighboring planets, and etary and Lunar Aerospace Navigation person perspective from behind the moons. But in The only, to test prospective candidates instantaneously screech to a halt, yet Halley Project, lessons are now for courage, tenacity and detailed simplistic enough moved to outer space, providing a ga lactic classroom packed with excite knowledge of the solar system need mastered by any pre-teen pilot.

The ed for the eventual Halley Project. Delow, I've listed a Not only will this stop the clock, but few tips that might help shave some- there are instances where it will actu minutes off the star search. Just be ready to turn and When your ship stops, so does the run in case yon are not granted laud clock.

If you become confused or lost, ing clearance. A com bring your craft to a complete halt. Undoubtedly, every liver familiarize you with the ship's oper ations, a bibliography is provided to not the pilots biggest waste Of time. A bet- Star Map" gives a visual representa hyperspace ter approach is to position yourself tion of each constellation of the zo though its use is usually determined about diac. Take time to absorb ail of this by the situation and not.

If you don't get any reaction from the ground crew, move directly two different things. This is a clocked there are times when you can let the contest, and when all is said and done, planet's motion work for you. If you to the other side of the planet and try merely completing a mission will not are in the path of a body whose orbit again. Note that you don't necessarily.

The ultimate goal is to carryout a succeessful flight in as short a rection, shut down your ship's en allowed to land; you just have to spot gines and wait for it to come to you. Use your computer only You simply pick a room from the display screen. The X Powerhouse Interface is cable-connected to the Commodore "User" port and plugged into a standard V outlet. Early on, these dispatches will be relatively familiar readings of your trusty pock space.

After the designation is ratified, it's et compass will be of little use in time to get where you're going, a three-stage process involving launch plotted by star gazing.

Using a round ing, navigating, and landing. The first ed radar screen encircled with the step is easy enough: a simple tap on gresses, the object of his travels may names of all the keyboard sends you on your way. But as a player pro these precincts. Courses must be 12 zodiacal constella not be so clear, with goals presented Halley's white spherical body with its only as clues.

And unless you have get planet, then check the title of the twinkling tail slowly disappears be constellation behind it. After that, it's massive hind you. The positioning, distance, orbit, size, and speed of every heavenly body includ ed in this simulation are very realistic. Once your ship comes withinkilometers of its destination, When you buy TEAM-MATE, you receive on inregrored software sys- you must orbit while you wait for rem — word processing, file management, spreadsheet and graphics — for the same price you would normally poy for one pro This low-speed circling process is an gram.

No rime lost in creating data automatically be pulled in for touch down. Here you can take a short break, peek at the planetary surface, and call up instructions on the next and again. With all rhe informorion available There are ten test challenges which simulroneously, you can view rhe must be sequentially completed be spreadsheer while onolyzing it in rhe word processor.

And because rhe prinr pre fore access at Mindscape with the correct secret code number, only then will the Star Pilot be mailed special instructions on how to approach the final mission: The I [alley Project itself. Exactly what thai encompasses, I couldn't say. I'm lerrer, or only halfway there, currently blasting label. But one day soon I'll earn my wings, as will anyone else who is will ing to invest some time to learn a little about our.

Headquarters integrated dara, you con view if you to Registration for Certification card is where this informorion will be the form, is granted gram's secret code number. When the view mode works wirh rhe 5o tenacity, perhaps the hardest of all authorization is given, the ship will trate on solving problems again on exercise of steady Hying and patient piloting skills to master. Once landing transfer files. Mow you con concen printed landing clearance from a ground base.

And no wonder! It's all ready to plug in and print everything your Amiga can dish out. It could be the start of a perfect relationship. Msnjue dtrWu Ok: Ami'rica, Inc. Lord Brit ish has thrown out the classic formu la of "seek and slay the evil wizard"— including there's no deadly spawn of Exodus or honesty, Minax to track down in the latest in stallment of the Ultima saga.

Character development has always meant Increasing the points of your virtues, and your answers determine shrine, a rune needed to enter it, and party members' attributes: Strength, your character type—Fighter, Paladin. Here Hard, Druid, Tinker, Ranger, Shepherd must know in order to meditate there you must ;tlso develop eight virtues— or Mage. Each class pursues a particu and become a partial avatar.

Your devoted to it. Each virtue has its own current ratings for the virtues aren't The game diverges from estab- Continual on pg. Eventually, he'll proclaim you that can considerably reduce the frus ty, the more monsters you'll face in fit to visit one of the shrines for "par tration factor. While developing your tial elevation" of a virtue.

This is an character's virtues and attributes in fighting. Be sure to make a second essential element of the quest, for you the early stages, you should concen trate on finding mandrake root and scenario disk and always save your must become a partial avatar in each virtue before you will be capable of nightshade not sold in stores and If you don't like the character the finding the fabled Codex.

Hidden in the secret formula for the gate spell, gypsy gives you, just start over. Even the depth of a maze called the Stygian which teleports you to the moon gate better, you can completely circum Abyss, the Codex enables you to fulfill of your choice. When elevated to partial avatarhood, you sec a "vision.

That way, you'll begin as a acter's class or race—just the name be in serious trouble at the end of the and sex. In a series of full-screen illus game.

Also jot down the names of the Paladin, the strongest and best equipped of the classes, Another tip trations, a gypsy shows you some for people in each town. Sometimes one not mentioned in the manual: If you say "health" to him, Lord British will heal your wounds and restore hit which virtues need improve the quest by becoming a true Avatar.

Unlike other role-playing games, tune-telling cards and asks multiple- will tell you another character can choice questions based on die differ answer your ent mention where he or she lives. Unless you thrive on combat, don't combinations that may appear. But visit the healers often, or vou'll never become an Avatar.

Loaded with special features like zoom enlarging, splitscreen magnification, color cycling, blend, smear, shade, stretch, bend, and rotate. The custom palette mixing and unlimited brushes give you complete control over all of the Amiga's 4, colors. Financial Cookbook1" 4. Feel the heat of tank combat as you command your two on-screen hands and theiT arsenal of heavy cannon, "seeing" missiles, and mines.

Face a highly intelligent enemy in a completely threedimensional Muffler / DJ Trace - Spy Technology 3: Enemy Territory (Sampler) (Vinyl) battlefield. An accurate simulation of tank move ment and strategies, with the bone-jarring sound effects and super hot graphics of the Take control of your finances. From checking and savings accounts to IRAsand taxes.

Performs like a spreadsheet, a calculator, and an investment advisor, all rolled into one. The simple fill-in-the-blanks format makes complex financial questions —and saving money —a breeze.

When one piece lands on another, they have to fight a white-knuckle arcade battle for control of the square. Skyfox1" Jump into the cockpit of a fighter pilot's dream. Feels so real j you'll think you're down on M the court with these basketball superstars. If you survive, the computer will generate unlimited new continents for you to explore. The Eighth Reason? D Ifs time someone broke the news, and it Computer People Project might as well be me.

Yes, there really IS someone living in your computer. All those little glitches in your software — all those hiccups in your programs — the ones you just haven't been able to explain away?

Well, it's time someone broke the news, and it might as well he me. The entire disk, not just the file directories, be comes encrypted. Scrambler is compatible with the and disk drives but not. It supports both the and column modes of the. Doom's Revenge. The plot, out lined in an actual comic book included with the package, involves Dr. The U. Government calls upon Spider-Man and Captain America to. The program supports column mode. News Maker can be used to create newsletters, reports, signs, and posters.

It can be used in conjunction. The computer game picks up where the comic book leaves off, revealing the new comic panels on the computer monitor. You can then interact with the story through your Commodore 64, putting the future of New York in. Standard sequential files can be into user-defined columns. Graphics also can be added with the News Maker graphics editor or they can be. The software company also announced that it has signed an exclusive marketing and distribution joint venture with MicroProse.

Paragon becomes a member of the Medalist Software Group, which will eventually be com. A general understanding has been reached regarding the purchase of all outstanding stock of Infogrames. Infogrames plans to produce at least six new titles in for world wide distribution under the Epyx brand name.

The company will continue to. Anyone with a modem can call in for information on Epyx's products and services. The service features day and night access, technical support, warranty. The program provides a series of plans for model buildings from a typi cal small town in America. You can make the buildings as simple or as complex as you wish, which allows for a wide variety of building designs.

The buildings can be used as Christmas decorations, as. Rafael, California has the answer for you. Games can be built from scratch, or you can customize one of seven sample games. Each game is capable of containing as many as 50 different levels of gameplay.

You can design your own characters, backgrounds, sounds, and special effects. Up to seven animated objects can appear onscreen at one time. You can also choose from four types of computer-controlled enemies. Also, Taito has also made arrangements with several major retail chains. California and Scott Orr, founder of Gamestar, now a division of Mediagenic.

Orr and Data East will launch a new line of nction-oriented sports software beginning in late Data East is known for its line of arcade games. Orr plans to develop games in the popular categories of football. Highly acclaimed by lax pros, CPA's and tax preparers, TaxPerfect is easy to understand and a pleasure to work with. Available for Commodore 64 and Commodore 12B. System includes comprehensive. User's manual with helpful tutorial example. AM othor forms and schedules are considered in Ihe calculation.

TaxPerfect features direct screen inpul using fast ten. Half-year, mid-quarter. It wasn't easy. The best feature in this new Star printer is built into its name-Multi-Font. It has four built-in type fonts that give you twenty different print style options. Just mix these fonts in with its high-resolution graphics to make great looking reports, greeting cards, posters-what ever you want.

And an automatic single sheet. Plus, a paper-parking mechanism that lets you use single sheets without removing tractor paper. And the Multi-Font's easy-to-use push. To find out where you can see the Multi-Font, call That's the stuff of daydreams, but it's also the stuff of computer simulations.

Gazette talked to leading-edge. Tom Nets el Imagine leading thousands of troops into battle or beat ing Michael Jordan in a slam-dunk contest. The subject. Instead of playing a game, you experience it. More than a game, a simulation draws you into. Your role has to be determined next. It's not the mechanic, it's not the guy who designed the plane, it's not the guy back at headquarters telling them where to fly.

It's the pilot who has the most interesting job. Pirates, F. With its ability to slip undetected through radar, a single F can penetrate enemy territory and take out a command post, photograph an important installation, or intercept a. Luckily, MicroProse didn't have to duplicate the F's secret technol ogy to make it fly as a simulation. What decisions docs that person ' ting classified information because it's not really critical to have to make?

What technical tools arc available? Simulations provide an opportunity to look at the hu on a topic and approach, Meier asks himself several ques. Finally, Meier asks, is this going to be a neat game? If a j man side of technology. Put a human being inside this piece. The computer handles challenge or a game.

We tried to make things as big as we could without impacting the speed of the game. We're really maxing the 64 in terms of sprite usage. If we had one more moving sprite on the screen, it would really slow things down,". Traeger says the best is yet to come, with better technol ogy and interactive compact discs. D modeling.

Then maybe it'll be possible to see what a slam dunk looks like through Jordan's eyes. Seeing the action through Jordan's eyes may be a real possibility some day, but most sports fans. Every event is designed around the moves and strategies that have made Bird and Jordan tops in the NBA. Trying to duplicate Jordan's different dunks is the heart and soul of the slam-dunk contest. If you manage to do it cor. After Jordan had seen the effort that Elec tronic Arts was putting into the game, he opened up and pro.

Both Bird and Jordan spent time with the design staff. Traeger divided the court into a 6 X 6 grid, with both players assigned a shooting percentage, guarded and un.

A screen with the statistics shows each player's performance and personal records. As you see the energy. You might decide to go with a experienced veteran or take a chance with a promising rookie.

I'd like to add that when com puters get a little bigger and a little faster. Load, Save, Formal. Scralch, V. User's Manual and Uoney-Back Guiranttt. You're the commanding general. As commander, you have a sophisticated administrative struc. Money Older accepteri. Ptoasa specify computer and drive when ordering. Interested in military history for more than 20 years, Trout has an extensive library on the subject.

It may seem ironic that an Australian company should turn out a series based on the American Civil War, but Trout explains: "Amer ican military history is without a doubt the best documented.

The voluminous quantities of textbooks, diaries, and mem oirs make research into any American war easier than any. It's our contention that strategy games are a very useful tool to promote clear think. Problems you face in strategy games are very much like the ones you face in real life.

Don Mattrick, president of Distinctive Software in Canada, enjoys driving fast cars. So it's no surprise that his com. One has a higher top speed, another has better handling, and Select a car and take it for a spin on any of the eight dif.

Qual ify and you can join the circuit drivers in the race for the. Not every player wants to start the engine; turn on the turret power and hydraulics; activate the gun-stabilization. Hit a wall or another car too hard and you're out of the race. No classroom pressures, no night school, no need to quit your present job until you're ready to mnke your move.

And all throughout your training, you've got the full. To give you hands-on training with the absolute in state-of-the-art computer technology, NRI includes the powerful new. Your hands-on training continues as you install n powerful 20 megabyte held. Each theater includes a prac. Unfortunately, Steel Thunder faces an identity problem: It tries to be both a simulation and a game—a mix that has always vexed me. When the context for.

This time, I did my required reading before Sled Thunder was released, so 1 was able to recognize the weapons and tactics used in the program. Steel Thun der does display a high degree of accura cy—though I'm sure the programmers had to make some educated guesses to simulate the classified systems. In keeping with the movement away from disk-based copy protection, Accolade chose to use the document.

When you boot the game, you're asked a question that can only be answered with the Sentry Password Chart.

Black ink on. West Germany. You have to use 11 keyboard com mands just to fire up your tank and get it ready to roll. You have to start the en gine, turn on the turret power, arm the. While I'm fond of realism in simulators, I do. This takes place In the office of General Acco lade, a senior officer who looks like ev.

Even then, you're not finished. Next, you go to the satellite map, where you'll see your objective. Set one cursor for your first checkpoint and the other for your objective. Since there are no terrain hazards on the map or in the game, I don't see why the route can't be. This is where the program begins to feel like a game rather than a simulation. Every combat simulator has its mission briefing.

Here, still in the gen eral's office, you're offered a choice of missions and tanks. When you remember that a tank's original purpose was simply to deliver Once in Syria, you'll have to attain the rank of major before taking on the Russians in.

When you start rolling, you're in the driver's station using the joystick to control speed and direction. Switch to the gunner's station, and the joystick controls the rotation of the turret. You won't spend very much time at the commander's station. Mountains appear in the distance, but. Fly-by-wire TOW missiles require con stant guidance as they speed toward the target.

Use the joystick to try to keep. When using ballistic guns, you'll do better to lead the target in the direc tion it's moving. Don't fire directly at the target; aim at the place it will be. You'll quickly find that it takes a direct hit—and usually more than one—to re duce a target to the pile of rubble that indicates it has been destroyed. Your mission is accomplished when you reach your objective and de stroy the enemy.

At that time, or if you abort a mission, you'll return to head quarters and once again face General Accolade. He'll give you a reprimand or a commendation, depending upon how. From the general's office, you'll go to the records and see the totals of what you've destroyed. The next section gets you into the. The keyboard over. Through a series of nine studies etudesyou're introduced to the many.

These tools re late to a number of musical basics:. I also think the startup sequence could be shorter or more logical.

The footnoted overlay is a bother, but I chalk this up to. When entering notes manual ly, you can also restrict yourself to cer tain rhythmic values. When you finish entering up to three musical tracks, you can edit the individual events to your heart's content. There's no attempt at staff notation, which is a. Vertical bars help you keep track of time. Any of the voices can be displayed or suppressed.

Instant Music is a creative, fun, and highly interactive program for begin ners. In a sense, the less musical back ground you have, the more fun and. Notes are entered by clicking the arrowshaped cursor at a particular time point. Instant Music is for the amateur who wants to make music but lacks the performing skills. Author Bob Camp bell thinks music represents the kind of structured environment that's just right for a computer program.

As Campbell tells it, "I wanted to build a music pro gram that would let people provide the creativity but make the computer do most of the work. Keyboard shortcut commands are available for some operations, but not all. At first glance, you may be over whelmed by all the options. Stick to the manual or you may feel hopelessly lost.

All you have to do is press the space bar, but you really have to hunt through the manual to discover that. If you stick to the manual, you'll. This and many other options are available while the music is playing, although it some times slows the tempo. The only option that comes up short is instrument making. The synthesizer option seems to be almost. Instead of loading notes, you select pitch and rhythm guides, in struments, and volume and tempo set.

Many aspects of Instant Music have an educational value that can lead to a creative appreciation of popular music. You can create your own sounds within fairly strict limitsbut you can't save or recall them. You adjust the volume by dragging a volume bar for each instrument. This is the only way to silence the voices; the. You can vary the attack and release enve. Filtering is not implement. Fully formed characters - no more don! We ship to all points in the U.

DIN cable. The keyboard's sound quality and range of available voices are superior to the 64's sound chip. For an extra treat, try mixing the 64 and. If you can. The main problem I found with this program was a difficulty in control. A mouse would prob ably be a better choice, though I wasn't able to try one. I'm keyboard-oriented and would have preferred many more keyboard shortcuts.

Two other limitations are worth mentioning. First, songs are limited to 32 bars in length. This works well for short pop arrangements but proves too limiting for many free-form creations.

Second, all the selections automatically repeat until you stop them. This is ap propriate for improvising, but not for set compositions. Auto-repeat should be an option, not a requirement. The manual contains a wealth of information, even offering a short his tory of rock, illustrated with selections from side 2 of the disk. The chord pro gressions are written out and discussed.

Beginners may find the short glossary of music terminology helpful, but they'll be distressed by the lack of an index. Instant Music is state-of-the-art software for the creatively oriented be ginner.

By encouraging involvement in the musical process and in improvisa tion, Instant Music gets high education al marks for its approach to pop music. Fantasy role-playing games tend toward the complex and the time-consuming. Whatever the respective merits of. There are combat systems and magic systems to master, enormous worlds and dungeons to explore, and an increasingly numerous and difficult band of monsters to eliminate.

Add some plot, a little intrigue, and a few puzzles, and the whole thing can take many hours to complete. On the 64, the problem is magni fied by the machine's slow disk access. Wizardry, Faery Tale Adventure, and Phantasie are hampered significantly by the number of times the game reads the disk, especially since the drive is.

This prob lem renders these games very nearly unplayable, and I applaud anyone who has worked—and 1 mean worked—his or her way through any one of them.

Applauding such determination is unnecessary in the case of Origin's Times of Lore. As a fantasy role-playing game, it is still time-consuming, but the. Only when you're boot ing the program is disk access necessary. Times of Lore is a strong blend of role-playing and ac. A strong blend of roleplaying and action Basically, this means retrieving three. Of course, you have no idea how to go about it, and a number. Solving your quest means traveling from place to place, conversing with a large num ber of people, solving a few mysteries, and wiping out a host of unthinkingly violent creatures.

But where Times of Lore differs from many other fantasy games is in its lack of tediousness. Take the combat system, for instance. You are not a party of adventurers, but rather one solitary adventurer, which means you don't have to command several fighters at. Furthermore, attacking is simply a matter of pointing your adventurer at the enemy and pushing the fire button. The game automatically chooses your best attacking weapon, and the trick is learning how many times to hit each creature.

With a dagger, for example, rogues can be killed with one hit, while ores take two or three. With the magic ax, ores can be downed with one hit as. Pressing the space bar puts you in Command mode. Here you can use the icons at the bottom of the screen. Icons let you talk to characters; examine objects; look at your inventory; take or drop objects. The game screen itself shows an overhead view of your immediate area.

Included in the package is a map of the kingdom, and it is very useful for find ing your way around. Not all locations. Cities have build ings, one of which is always a tavern. In the tavern you buy provisions, talk to characters, get information, and pur chase lodgings. When you purchase lodgings, the game is automatically saved to disk. You save only one game at a time, and, unfortunately, the save is written to the program disk. In further support of the game's playability, there is no charactercreation segment.

Instead, Times of Lore offers three adventurers: a knight, a Valkyrie, and a barbarian. You choose one with the joystick and you're away. Nor is there a lengthy equipment and weaponry section.

You simply start the quest a couple of minutes after you've booted the program. An adventure game that runs in. The world of Times of Lore is not as elaborate as that of other fantasy games, and the play.

The program's most important lim itation, though, is its interface. I'm not a soccer freak, even though 1 live in St. Louis, which is sometimes called Soccer City. When I played soccer. As a midfielder or goalie in M. Soccer, however, I can do some pretty fancy stuff: effortless bicycle kicks, breathtaking head butts, and.

Furthermore, it is worse than an annoy ance in critical situations: When an an gry guard is charging you and you're. As it stands, the interface is sometimes far too clumsy. At other. Titties of lore is perfect for three groups of players. First are those who. In the. I also get to call the shots from the sidelines. With a few quick menu selec tions, I can outline both offensive and de. But you'd better be in one of these two categories if you plan to really enjoy M. Building B.

As the coach, I also have the power to make substitutions. Let's see, we're midway through the game, and John son is getting tired. I know this because. Weber, get yer cleats on! While M. Soccer isn't a twoplayer game in the true sense of the word, two people can play at once.

Players can't go up against each other on the field, but they can play different roles on the same team. In one particu. As soon as 1 opened the box, 1 began to In the box were a page game manual and an page reference man ual. Short on patience, I decided to take a different tack: 1 would just load the game and learn to play on my own. Thus, 1 reasoned that M.

L Soc cer couldn't be too difficult to learn. Wrong again. Soccer is a simulation of professional soccer strate gy and tactics both on and off the field. You can take on the role of owner and manager of a team, with the authority to trade, substitute, train, and organize the athletes.

At the same time, this game lets you assume the coach's role. You can also become a midfielder or goalie and go out on the field to kick a few yourself. Barbarian Combine one horde of villainous monsters with one large dragon and a hunk of hero. Stir in three cups of good graphics with two cups of action and a half-pound of. Old English dialog. Sprinkle with a hand ful of deadly weapons, and then pour the contents into a 5'lt-inch floppy disk.

Makes thousands of servings. Good graphics adventures habit ually follow this simple recipe, and Bar. L Soccer is an interesting mix of play levels, but after a while, I be came bored.

The multilevel play idea is. Neverthe less, I grew tired of it. The game's over all pace was too slow for me, and I. When Muffler / DJ Trace - Spy Technology 3: Enemy Territory (Sampler) (Vinyl) sit down to play a com puter soccer game, I expect a lot of ac. But be prepared: In this game for the 64, the crafty Brits have conceived a new joy stick wrinkle.

Nothing stimulates my imagina tion more than a good role-playing graphics adventure, but it does produce unusual side effects. However, the lack of di rect joystick control over the hero and main character, Hegor, is odd. The object of Stocker is to get to the finish line before you run out of fuel.

It sounds simple, but in the many. Barbarian uses this classic story line as an important ingredient in its.

If you don't, you'll soon run out of gas, and the race. You use the joystick to direct a cursor that can be placed anywhere on. To take on fuel, simply steer into a station. You're serviced automatically. A total of 12 icons send Hegor climbing, running, jumping, or picking up and wielding different weapons found along the route.

There are 20 types of booby traps. Some of the ever-ad vane ing enemies cannot be de. Start your engine, strap yourself in, and get ready for a ride. This is no little mile jaunt around a super speedway. Stocker is a coast-to-coast stock-car race against time. But be careful; the law is.

As you proceed from screen to screen, you'll see some routes identified with a question mark. These "short. Sometimes you'll find that a shortcut isn't so short; other times you'll find yourself driving against the flow of traffic.

So be careful. These tough foes must be dispatched with bows and arrows and other battle gear scattered throughout the evil.

The nefarious Necron has retreated into his dark domain, deep within the earth, and he dares Hegor to enter. Once in side the dreaded land of Durgan, Hegor. Only then can he confront his father's murderer. Barbarian's action is smooth, excit. The speed of your vehicle depends on the driving surface. When you run off the highway, the car slows down, making it difficult to get to the next service station in time.

Still, while it's designed with younger play ers in mind, Stocker has enough thrills to provide the rest of us with hours of fun. With skill and determination, you. Most of the graphics are above average, including well-designed. There are two things to watch for along the route: gas stations and police. Avoid the police at all costs, but don't. Players can assume the rotes of player, field manager, and general manager in this base ball simulation.

One or two players can par ticipate in building an expansion franchise over a span of ten seasons. Players can draft rookies, purchase Iree agents, and then.

Split-screen graphics allow players 10 view the plate and. Major league season disks are available separately. This statistical-re play baseball simulation can be played with one or two players. Indi vidual statistics determine the outcome of the game. Players can choose from every team of the season in addition to eight classic teams from the past and present. There are six pitches that can be thrown by left- or right-handed pitchers, and players appear in large-sized graphics.

The game includes 26 teams from the most recent season and 52 past National and American League teams. Each team offers 17 batters and 12 pitch ers. Players can use the teams provided or build their own teams through drafting and trading. As manager, the player can choose the lineups, batting order, bunts, sacrifices, steals, and more. The game takes into ac count variables such as player statistics. A stats compiler automatically records player and team sta. Play options include player vs.

Players can manage actual big-league play ers in this baseball simulation. Teams can be selected from the current season or from previous seasons. Additional team disks are available, including all major league teams from the past six seasons, Vtorid Series and All-Star teams, and star players from the his.

The actual players play up to their potential based on their statistics and can play better if man aged properly, Two players can go head-tohead or one player can compete against the computer.

The computer can play a game without graphics in three minutes. Players can choose from three different sta. Batters can hit and run, bunt, or pull the ball. Other plays include stealing the bases, pick-offs, and brush back pitches. Teams can be chosen from 26 ma jor league clubs, or players can create their own teams from a field of over famous All-Stars.

The game includes color graphics and ball-park sound effects. A scrolling screen gives the user a tele vision-like view of the action. Players can choose from a regular baseball game or a variation in which only. This game is played on a neighborhood dia mond made from trash-can lids and old tires, and the players are neighborhood. There are 16 players to choose from, and each has an individual level of skill in hitting, fielding, and throwing.

Players also have to be able to avoid tree stumps, bushes, and puddles. The pitcher can throw four balls—fast, slow, right curve, and left. There's a split-screen view of the field, with one screen being a bird's-eye view. For one or two players. One or two players can manage and control or just manage a baseball team, using one of the 75 teams provided or creating a team.

Players include actual World Series and All-Star teams, teams from the season, classic players, and cur rent stars. Actual statistics for players are included. The game includes trading func. One or two players can participate in this football simulation game.

The performance of the players is determined by speed, pow er, and catching ability. Users can deter mine their own playing parameters and call all the shots from the sidelines. Players con trol the quarterback and receivers on of. This football simulation is played using an on-the-field perspective.

The action takes place on the field, where the user is actually running plays and taking hits. Statistics on individuals and whole teams for an game season can be maintained with the stats compiler, and a summary of each game can be printed when the game is finished.

The program in cludes 23 current NBA teams plus more than great teams of the past. Additional team disks are available for S The players' energy levels decline as the game progresses. The game incorporates 22 players, the football, and the balls shadow. The game can automati. The player can coach Division I college basketball teams as they compete for the championship with this strategy game. With this statistics-based game, each player enters the offensive and defensive plays or his or her team and then watches as the game is played.

There are 20 Super Bowl teams to choose from, and season disks for the champions are available separately. The game also contains solitaire and autoplay options. A Genera! Manager's Disk is avail able tor S Statistics for each player include rebounding, passing. The stats compiler maintains statistics for individual players and the whole team, and a summary can be printed to screen or a printer at the end of each.

Players can play against a friend or the computer, or they can watch the com puter play itself. The game includes teams from the most recent season plus Players can choose offensive and defensive plays and substitute players.

The game is played under professional rules with three-pointers and slam dunks. The Muffler / DJ Trace - Spy Technology 3: Enemy Territory (Sampler) (Vinyl) play in team leagues, and the players are based on real pro. Crowd noises provide background sound effects, and a sample sports page is up. Coaches can choose lineups and make substitutions. The onscreen players can attempt headers and assorted kicks.

Players can control basketball players ot the past and present in this statistical basketball computer game. Users can pick the starting lineups and send in substitutes. The pro gram includes 20 great teams from the past and a stat keeper that keeps track of how well each team is doing. The game features three playing modes; head to head, solitaire, and autoplay. The autoplay mode allows the same teams to play several games in a.

Teams can play each other or play the computer with a time or points limit. One or two players can face off against each other or the computer. In this multi level game, the player can be the owner and general manager, trading and recruiting. As head coach, the player can set and change the lines and plan the strate gies, Or, the player can act as goalie or center and play on the team. This simulation allows for twoon-two. The game includes nine levels of difficulty and a self-running demonstration.

For ages Coaching strategy and player statistics determine the outcome of each game. Players can choose from 20 all-timegreat college teams. Users can also create their own team by entering statistics. Team statistics can be reviewed or printed at any time. Optional team disks are available. In Superstar Soccer, the player can perform as soccer player, coach, or owner and man ager.

As center or goalie, the player can. As the coach, the player calls the plays and sends the team to training camp. One or two players can compete against the computer or each other.

The fast action of hockey is recreated in this game for players ages 8 and older. Interna tional Hockey includes body checks, fighting penalties, puck passing, graphics, and sound effects such as crowd noise, organ music, and digitized speech. One or two players can compete on three skill levels. California Pro Golf features an hole golf course complete with hazards.

Players have touch-sensitive control of the shots and a choice of clubs. Players can tee off on the North Course and play a round of golf at the Fairport Country Club, or use the editor to design their own golf course. This golf game in cludes backspin, topspin, hook, slice, and power of the swing, as well as water traps. Players can choose from 12 of the world's greatest golf courses or become an archi tect and design their own course.

Courses include St. Other features include a choice of Skins scoring or stroke play; pro, men's, or ladies'. Players can also practice on the driving range and putting green.

In the arcade mode, players can fight each other or the computer. Two manuals explain the art and strategy of box ing and the history of the sport. Serve and Volley requires players to use correct ball placement, timing, and stroke selection.

Users can ctioose from three diffi culty levels and three court surfaces. One to four players can simulate an actual game ol golf on one of these hole courses. Players cnoose their clubs, dis tance, and type of shot. There are three lev els of difficulty, and the computer calculates the handicaps and scores, Tournament Disk 1 and Executive Tournament Disk, which. Players must first select a serve type and then hit volleys. Three famous hole golf courses are re produced in this golf game, including dis tance, traps, trees, rough, and water.

Each boxer must de. In the exhi bition bouts, boxers can fight in welter weight, middleweight, or heavyweight classes, with up to five boxers in any one. A fourth course, the Gauntlet Country Club, was designed or this program. The program also offers a. The game offers match or tournament play against the computer or for two players against each other.

Each tournament or match can be saved and resumed. Up to eight players can participate in this bowling game. There are several levels ol play, including league competition. Scoring is automatic. Players can compete in snooker, bumper pool, straight pool, eight ball, and nine ball.

Variables such as the object ball and pocket, aim, English, and power affect gameplay. A restore-shot feature allows the last shot to be retaken. Players can attempt trick shots and save the best ten.

Rack 'Em includes a generic game that allows players to set their. A bumper-pool construction set allows players to create their own bumperpool tables.

Players can use both offensive and defen sive maneuvers, including dodging and ducking punches. When hit, each boxer's face shows the damage sustained, including black eyes, fat lips, swollen cheeks, a.

Up to eight players can take part in the events, based on the Olym pic competition held in Calgary, Alberta. Canada, in 19B8. The game was designed Team affiliates and videotapes from the U. Olympic Committee. Players participate in the Gamestar Wres tling Federation, where they can choose from eight wrestlers, each with different moves. Wrestlers can perform pile drivers. There are eight performance areas in which to judge the races.

Split-screen graphics allow the player to view the course from overhead. Up to eight players can take part in this sur vey of California-style recreation. Games in clude surfing, throwing flying discs, skateboarding, roller skating, and riding BMX bicycles. Olympic Team. Play ers can participate in events such as the hurdles, pole vault, uneven parallel bars, rings, springboard diving, and velodrome.

The action can be viewed from first-person perspective or cameraangle points of view. Players can attend. There are also opening ceremonies, national anthems, and medals. One to six players can compete in five win ter events including ski jump, downhill ski ing, bobsled, giant slalom, and biathlon.

A page racing form is included with the package that features results on different horses from prerun races, Muffler / DJ Trace - Spy Technology 3: Enemy Territory (Sampler) (Vinyl). Players can choose from 12 jockeys and four turf conditions.

The game includes the opening ceremonies and. Thrill seekers can practice climbing some of the world's most treacherous peaks with this mountain-climbing game. There is a training course before the climb, and a safe.

Players take the part of athietes represent ing 18 countries as they competB in some not-so-common athletic events. There's cliff diving in Mexico, sumo wrestling in Japan. Players can choose to compete in darts, pinball, billiards, shooting gallery, Skee-Ball, or foosball. This sports package contains four different indoor games to play—air hockey, table tennis, bowling, and darts. Players can com pete against each other or the computer.

The program includes 3-D graphics and animation. Two games have been combined in this one package. Star League Baseball re creates the nine-inning game with anima.

In On-Field Football, players can call the plays for both offense and defense dur ing four quarters of action. Sports Games Publishers For more Information about the sports games listed here, contact the publishers listed below: Access S W. Standard features include an. Tho utilizes tho popular "AT Hayus command sols, buill in. Why shop at Lyco Computer? We've set many industry standards, and we are setting the pace lor many more in the future. Our standards include: a separate department lor customer service; a price guarantee; guaranteed factory fresh merchandise; diverse payment and shipping policies, including a C.

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Muffler / DJ Trace Muffler / DJ Trace - Spy Technology 3: Enemy Territory (Part I) 2 versiones DSCI4. View details of DSCI4 Records releases on vinyl, CD and mp3 downloads at rolldabeats online dance music discography resource. [DSCI4LP PT2] Propaganda - Spy Technology 3: Enemy Territory (Part II) | kbps. Released: Label: DSCI4 Format: Vinyl, 12" Tracklist: A. Let It Go Firm LP Sampler | kbps. Released: Label: Offkey Format: Vinyl, 12" Tracklist: A. Propaganda - Motor City B. Lethal - East End Thug DJ Trace - Something Sick LP | VBR~

dsci4-dsci4lppt3-va-spy technologies vol 3 enemy territory part 3-vlsmusiq dsci4-dsci4lp3sam-skc and kiko-battlefield lp sampler-vlsatm dsci4-dscibad companysour DSCI4-Mindscape-DSCIsour DSCI4-Mindscape and Spinline-DSCI4LPPT4-Promo VinylXTC DSCI4-Muffler-DSCI4LPPT1-VINYLXTC.

dsci4-dsci4lppt3-va-spy technologies vol 3 enemy territory part dsci4-dsci4lp3sam-skc and kiko-battlefield lp DSCI4-Mindscape and Spinline-DSCI4LPPT4-Promo VA-Spy Technologies Vol 3 Enemy Territory Part 3-VLSMUSiQ Year: Tracks: 2 Solid Vinyl-Mr Quest vs DJ Dhanu-SVsour Year: Tracks: 2 Revolution-Muffler Vs Konsta-REVRECVinylTrT Year: Tracks: 2 Renegade-Phobia-RRsour.

Nov 26,  · DJ Trace / DJ Motive* DJ Trace / DJ Motive* - Spy Technology 3: Enemy Territory (Part III) 2 versions DSCI4LP PT3.

VA-Spy Technologies 5 Echelon Sampler-DSCI4LPS-VinylXTC VA-Spy Technologies 7-(DSCI4ST7)-WEBday VA-Spy Technologies LP Part Two-DSCI4LPEFsour VA-Spy Technologies Vol 3 Enemy Territory Part 3-VLSMUSiQ VA-Spy Technologies Vol 4 Counter Surveillance LP Sampler-DSCI4LPSAM-VINYLsour. Animation & Cartoons Arts & Music Computers & Technology Cultural & Academic Films Ephemeral Films Movies News & Public Affairs. Understanding 9/ Spirituality & Religion Sports Videos Television Videogame Videos Vlogs Youth Media. Featured audio All audio latest This Just In Grateful Dead Netlabels Old Time Radio 78 RPMs and Cylinder Recordings.

Visa-free entry to Vietnam, European football clubs, live music and a worldrenowned DJ. Z is for Zedd. Rach Chiec Golf Driving Range, Q2, HCMC Friday Aug. 7. The only Zedd we know is dead, but by all accounts theres another one, and hes a multi-platinum selling, Grammy award winning artist, DJ and producer. And hes coming to town.


Intro - Pixies - Doolittle London, Brixton Academy, October 9th 2009 (CDr), Jones - Dick Johnson (3) - Swing Shift (Vinyl, LP, Album), I Love The Dead, Sweet Bitter Love, Lovely - Boyz II Men - Nathan, Michael, Shawn, Wanya (CD, Album), Lucille - Gary U.S. Bonds - Trax New York Jan 80 (CD, Album), Atom Heart Mother - Pink Floyd - Saint Tropez 1970 (DVD), Aint That Peculiar - Marvin Gaye - Live At The London Palladium (Vinyl, LP, Album), Messe Pour Les Trepasses H. 2 (Fin), Hold Fire - Thomas Diethelm Band - Hold Fire / Out Of The Cold (Vinyl)

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  • dsci4-dsci4lppt3-va-spy technologies vol 3 enemy territory part dsci4-dsci4lp3sam-skc and kiko-battlefield lp DSCI4-Mindscape and Spinline-DSCI4LPPT4-Promo
  • Audio Books & Poetry Community Audio Computers, Technology and Science Music, Arts & Culture News & Public Affairs Non-English Audio Spirituality & Religion. Librivox Free Audiobook. Book Wars Pod BurgerHub Physical Education Rio16 OS i Korruption Core Connections - Video Civil Liberties - .
  • [DSCI4LP PT2] Propaganda - Spy Technology 3: Enemy Territory (Part II) | kbps. Released: Label: DSCI4 Format: Vinyl, 12" Tracklist: A. Let It Go Firm LP Sampler | kbps. Released: Label: Offkey Format: Vinyl, 12" Tracklist: A. Propaganda - Motor City B. Lethal - East End Thug DJ Trace - Something Sick LP | VBR~
  • View details of DSCI4 Records releases on vinyl, CD and mp3 downloads at rolldabeats online dance music discography resource.
  • Animation & Cartoons Arts & Music Computers & Technology Cultural & Academic Films Ephemeral Films Movies News & Public Affairs. Understanding 9/ Spirituality & Religion Sports Videos Television Videogame Videos Vlogs Youth Media. Featured audio All audio latest This Just In Grateful Dead Netlabels Old Time Radio 78 RPMs and Cylinder Recordings.
  • 3: Muffler: Spy Technology 3: Enemy Territory (Part I) 2 versions: 3: UK: Sell This Version: 2 versions: 3: DJ Trace / DJ Motive* DJ Trace / DJ Motive* - Spy Technology 3: Enemy Territory Masheen And Kano (3) - Spy Technologies 4 (Counter Surveillance - Limited LP Sampler.
  • DJ Trace / DJ Motive* DJ Trace / DJ Motive* - Spy Technology 3: Enemy Territory (Part III) 2 versions DSCI4.
  • Outer Front Cover; Contents; Publisher's Letter: Controversial topics should be able to be discussed; Feature: A Look At Nuclear Submarines by Dr David Maddison ; Project: Automotive Sensor Modifier by John Clarke ; Feature: Keep Track Of Anything With TrackR by Ross Tester ; Feature: Altronics: 40 Years And Going Strong by Leo Simpson ; Project: Arduino-Based Digital Theremin by Bao Smith.

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